Low pressure

20% of the water consumption of an American household accounts for showering. This means that an average family uses up to 40 gallons of water in the shower every day.

As per the national statistics, 1.3 trillion gallons of water is used up in showering alone in a year. This much amount of water is enough to fulfill the water needs of New York and New Jersey for over 18 months.

There’s a red flag. We need to conserve water!

As per the estimates of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), installing low-pressure showerheads is one of the best ways to save water. Most of the best low pressure shower head use less than 2 gallons per minute (GPM).

Read on to understand the basic problems of a low pressure water and some best low-pressure showerheads on the market today!

Features of a Low Pressure Showerhead

Installing a low-pressure showerhead does not mean you are going to have unsatisfactory showers. Instead, it makes sure you use only the right amount of water required for a shower. Here are significant features of a low-pressure showerhead:

Versatility of Types

Low-pressure showerheads come in different types. The most common ones include a regular showerhead and a handheld showerhead. So, you can either mount it to your conventional shower or attach the handheld model to a flexible hose.

Just pick the type that goes well with your installed design and leave the mechanics to the professional!

Efficient Water Flow

These showerheads deliver an efficient flow of water. Many low-pressure showerheads come with pressure restrictors so that you receive the same pressure, no matter whether the pressure at the backend is increasing or not.

Adjustable Spray Settings

Low-pressure showerheads offer adjustable spray settings. From narrow to wide, spray, pulse and so on, there are multiple settings in a single showerhead.

This caters to your family needs if every member needs a different kind of spray.

Manufacturers usually set unique names for their spray settings.

Shutoff Feature

Many low-pressure showerheads are equipped with a handy shutoff feature. As you press the shutoff button present at the head, it results in even minimum water spraying out. Meanwhile, you can soap your kids or pets, etc.

No Wastage while Water Warms Up

Some of such showerheads come with an ingenious valve. This helps warm the water up before you step into the shower while the water only trickles down.

As the water reaches the right temperature, you can flip the valve for a full water supply.

This advanced feature saves a lot of water and energy!

The 5 Best Low Pressure Showerheads Reviews

Here goes a list of our top picks for the best low-pressure showerheads:

1.    High Sierra’s Metal Low Flow Showerhead

This is an award-winning metal showerhead from the house of High Sierra. The manufacturer claims that the showerhead saves up to 40 percent of water.

You can choose among three water pressures – 1.5, 1.8, and 2.0 GPM. Lower the pressure, the higher the amount of water conserved!


  • The showerhead features a large droplet spray design
  • The showerhead is fixed but can be adjusted at different angles.
  • It is constructed of stainless steel and brass, showcasing an all-metal design.
  • It comes certified by WaterSense and California Energy Commission.


  • Low water flow yet great performance
  • Adjusting swivel
  • Three water pressure options


  • Narrow spray pattern
  • A noisy little operation

2.    Delta Low Flow Showerhead

Delta Low Flow Showerhead brings us two spray options – 1.85 GPM or 2.5 GPM. You can change the water flow to the desired level in an instant. If you are in a mood for heavy flow, increase the pressure, and if you are looking for a relaxing shower, lower it to 1.85 GPM.


  • It uses H2O kinetic technology, which reduces water consumption by 20 percent
  • The toggle on the side helps control the volume of water easily
  • The fantastic chrome finish goes well with traditional or modern design


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Basic and affordable unit


  • Not adjustable

3.    Niagara Conservation Sava Spa

Niagara Conservation Sava Spa is another unique, low-pressure showerhead that brings you the experience of a spa shower at home. The shower head is 4.4 inches wide, with 39 nozzles designed neatly. This provides a fine spray, offering an amazing showering experience!


  • It comes with a 360-degree ball joint to adjust the angle
  • It is made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic material
  • It features a pressure compensator restricting the flow to 1.75 GPM


  • Meets ASME manufacturing standards
  • Saves up to 40% water


  • Only one water pressure option
  • White color may deteriorate over time

4.    Niagara Conservation Earth Massage

Niagara Conservation Earth Massage offers the best of both worlds as it features a two-in-one design. You can choose to leave your shower static or use it as a handheld showerhead. It has a 72-inch long hose to offer a higher degree of flexibility.


  • It features three spray options – needle, massage, and both
  • It meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards
  • Twisting the showerhead changes the spray type
  • It comes with a corrosion-resistant mounting bracket made of ABS thermoplastic


  • Adjustable design
  • Streamlined and durable
  • 10-year warranty


  • Prone to leakage

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best low-pressure showerhead, you need to be very vigilant. As it is a critical investment, make sure you weigh all the pros and cons. The most important factors to keep in consideration are water pressures, spray settings, fixed/adjustable or handheld design, material, warranty, and certification.

Keep it in mind that a low-pressure showerhead offers numerous benefits. You can conserve water while saving up on utility bills. Also, you can enjoy versatile designs and multiple spray options. This way, a single showerhead can cater to the needs of your children and pets alike.

If you find yourself confused among options, choose any one of the low-pressure showerhead reviewed above. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a low-pressure showerhead today and enter the water conservation race!