How having a shower filter can help your health

Shower filter system can improve your health in two distinct ways. In the first stage, it removes all the harmful elements that affect your skin health. The two principal forms of untreated water effects are in the form of skin disorder and disease. By filtering and reducing the chemicals, metals, hardness, and the contaminants, the best shower filter minimizes the skin disorder probability by 99%. The likelihood of skin diseases reduces considerably when the filter eliminates the microbial organisms like the germs, bacteria, and the other forms of allergens.

In the second stage, the shower filter improves the health of the skin and the connected internal organs. You can experience the benefits of the muscular, cardiovascular, neutral, and the skeletal systems.

Hard Water Treatment

The primary task of the shower filter is to remove the hardness of water and convert into soft water. The designers of the filters use a combination of active carbon, KDF, ceramic stones, synthetic membranes, chlorgon, quartz, and the other advanced filtering materials.

Chlorine Conversion

KDF layer of the shower filter contains an excellent combination of copper and zinc granules in different grades. For example, the KDF-55 can be highly effective in the conversion of chlorine into the chloride form. The process is the oxidative reduction.

  • Chloride Ion: The chloride ion is larger compared to the chlorine. It is highly soluble in water and breaks down into smaller ions. It is a natural skin preservative, which can enhance the hydration levels of the cells and the tissues. When the molecules interact with water, they get converted into various forms of salt. The interaction may happen with the calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium in the water.
  • Calcium Chloride: The element can act as an active skin peeling agent. Removal of the dead skin layers in a natural way is beneficial for the sensitive and combination skin types. It cleans the skin pores, improves complexion, enhances softness, and eliminates all the black pores from the skin. Calcium chloride can increase the moisturizing effects on the skin cells and the tissues.
  • Potassium Chloride: Potassium chloride has the potential benefits of removing the toxic elements from the skin layers. The negative ions bond with the positive ions of the toxins. In this process, it breaks down the toxins into micron level granules. The water pressure from the shower can efficiently cleanse the skin pores. The other benefit of the potassium chloride is its affinity to the sebum oil molecules. It extracts them from the excess deposits. The result is the reduced probability of acne.
  • Sodium Chloride: Thenatural salt increases the saline percentage in the shower water to a reasonable level. Enhanced salinity can clean the skin’s epidermis, dermis, and thehypodermis layers. Also, sodium chloride can heal the skin from wounds, cuts, and the rashes. It removes the stress factors from the skin and the muscles. It can also ease the circulation system to a considerable level. People having problems of hypertension can benefit to a great extent.
  • Magnesium Chloride: The salt improves the Detox rate within the skin layers. The molecular structure of the chloride has an affinity to bond with the collagen and elastin layers in the skin. At the same time, it bonds with the external protective layers of the skin cells. The dual bonding increases the connectivity between the skin cells and the collagen. Your skin becomes tight, flexible and robust. Prolonged exposure to the magnesium chloride in the shower water can reduce many of the premature aging symptoms. You can experience the elimination of the skin wrinkles, aging lines, and the sagging skin.

Fluoride Removal

Fluoride is one of the potentially harmful compounds which cause the weakening of the connective tissues, muscle tissues, collagen, and the skin layers. Prolonged exposure can lead to joint pain, skin rashes, hardened connective tissues and even weakened bones. By eliminating the fluoride from the water, the shower filter reduces the risk probability to zero.

Infrared Treatment

The infrared irradiation of the water molecules can result in the enhancement of negative ion concentration. It has many benefits for the skin as well as the internal organs that are closely connected with the skin.

  • Breathing: Most of the smokers suffer from shortness of breath condition frequently during the day and night. It is attributed to the frequent congestion of the respiratory tracts. The negative ion treated hot water molecules can ease the pressure by removing the mucus deposits to a considerable extent. It dilutes the concentration and makes the mucus to come out of the nasal cavities. Some part of the mucus gets diluted and gets carried by the blood into the elimination system. So, you can experience considerable relief and breathe normally.
  • Relaxation: The negatively charged ions can extract the accumulated stress from the muscles and the skin tissues. When you balance the water flow rate at 2.6 GPS and the water temperature at 1100F, the effectiveness of the ions will be the maximum.
  • Healing: Joint pain is caused by the weakened connective tissues and the skeletal ligaments. The negative ions of the saline water can have soothing effects on these parts. You need to use the filters from the handheld water shower to get the maximum benefits. The principal advantage of the shower filter is for the lower back pain relief. If your BMI is above the normal range, the possibility of lower backache is high. Sometimes it may become a persistent problem that refuses to heal. Consistent massage treatment with the shower filter water can reduce the pain and treat the spinal cord.
  • Energizing: The energizing effects of the negatively charged ions can benefit the central nervous system. It relaxes the stressed out nerves and induces a broad sense of calmness. The results get transferred to all the parts of the body, including the brain. Prolonged exposure to the shower filter water can improve the reflex action, reduce stiffness, and result in the overall body and mind health and wellbeing.

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