5 Best Waterfall Shower Head – Rain Shower Heads

Everyone has different preferences for shower head, some people wants a rain shower heads, some want the stainless steel LED shower head ones and someone wants to find a stainless steel waterfall type shower head shower experience. We respect every preference and we try to help you guys chose the best product for your needs. Stainless steel waterfall  showerheads or rain shower head are very common and there are a lot of products you can choose from. I’m sure you don’t want to purchase  rain shower head one to regret it a week later, so we are going to do our best to prevent that! see our great reviews on shower filters , rain shower head, and shower head waterfall.

  • Our Rating:

  • Color: Chrome/White

  • Size: 8"

  • Modes: 2

  • Golden Vintage 63"
  • Our Rating:

  • Color: Brushed Seel

  • Size: 63" H

  • Modes: 4-5

  • Our Rating:

  • Color: Chrome

  • Size: 8"

  • Modes: 1

  • AKDY 9-inch
  • Our Rating:

  • Color: Antique Bronze

  • Size: 9"

  • Modes: 4

  • DreamSpa
  • Our Rating:

  • Color: Chrome

  • Size: 9"

  • Modes: 3

We are going to look at some of the best rain shower head  handheld showerhead  rain shower head options that are available on the market. We are going to list the 5 best rain shower head waterfall head and the list is going to be based on the price, functionality and quality of the high pressure showerheads.

Best water fall shower head

5. A Flow 2 Function brand

We are going to start this list of waterfall showerhead with the  good and cheap rain shower head. The A Flow is a multi-setting rain shower head which offers you with both the waterfall and rainfall showerhead type of showers, so it basically means that you will hit 2 birds with one stone with the A-Flow. Changing between the modes is very easy. You just have to turn the center dial and select the way you want it to spray.

This waterfall shower head has a very low price, but the quality is pretty good and it and will last you for years, depending on how long you use it. I wouldn’t recommend this for a luxurious bathroom because this does indeed look cheap even though it has a chrome finish back. If your bathroom equipment is more expensive, then you should probably look into better rainfall shower head it doe have high pressure.

It’s 8 inches wide best rain shower heads, which is a good size in my opinion, but some people disagree because they like wider shower heads that can cover their whole body and that is understandable. Don’t get me wrong, I still rate this shower head a 4.5/5 because you definitely get more than what you pay for.

Having showers with this waterfall shower head will be a great experience in both the waterfall and the rain mode. Please keep in mind that if you have a low water pressure at your house, then this unit will not work as it should. Most people blame the A-Flow because the ‘waterfall’ effect isn’t working as it should, but when we tested it it was perfectly fine. So that means that they had problems with their water pressure.

I would say that it’s a great shower head that you can grab for a cheap price. Most rainfall shower showerheads that have the waterfall shower effect are much more expensive so you should always keep that in mind.

4. Golden Vantage 63″waterfall shower

golden-vantage-63At number 4 on our list, we have the Golden Vantage 63″ rain shower head. This also is a multi-functional and multi-setting unit which can be used by both kids and adults. This is a shower head which is on the high-end, so it’s a very luxurious shower head that does everything it has to do in a proper and quality way.

This high pressure rain shower head has a lot of different settings you can choose from with the easy to use buttons on it.

  • Rainfall Mode – Water starts coming out of the top of the rain shower head, giving it a rain effect.
  • Waterfall Mode – Water gets splashed into your head softly, giving you a great relaxing experience
  • Handheld People – Older people are used to this type of shower heads, so Golden Vantage made sure to satisfy them by including the handheld option.
  • Tub Sprout – This is useful for washing your feet
  • rain shower head can function simultaneously

The high pressure new rainfall shower head is made of high-quality stainless steel which is very durable and looks good at the same time. When people hear the word ‘steel’ they always think that the item is heavy, but this shower head is very light compared to others.

If you have money and love water, then this will be the correct option for you. I know it’s a bit expensive but I would say it’s worth it. If you decide to purchase this, you should be careful with your water bill, because I am sure you will be using it at least twice a day and you will being going through the water like crazy but its and awesome accessories .

Everything about it is good, but we have seen people complain about their customer service saying that they never pick up their phone, so if you’re someone who gets nervous by bad customer service maybe you shouldn’t go with them. though these guys have a lot of new arrivals of the waterfall shower.

Another thing I would like to mention is that if you decide to purchase this, you will need to hire a plumber to install it for you because this kind  is harder to install than the normal ones.

3. Eyekepper waterfall shower shower system

eyekeeper We have another affordable rainfall shower head at number 3 on our list. The Eyekepper is made of high-quality stainless steel and has everything that you would need like chrome finish . It has a 8-inch diameter, which is the perfect size for average people. If you are above 300lbs you should consider buying a larger one because a 8-inch plate won’t be suitable for you.

The  ultra thin plate from which the water comes out is extremely slim and has a polished chrome finish which makes it look very high quality and beautiful and doesn’t have a shower arm.

The ultra thin high pressure Eyekepper rain showerhead  looks and feels very expensive, so it means that it will fit all every type of bathroom design and size without a problem and its easy to install.

Most people chose this rainfall shower head because it’s very easy to install and ultra thin , it comes with a Teflon tape included, plus it’s very cheap. However I would like to mention that the waterfall effect isn’t too good on this shower head, but it is good for the price and if you are on a limited budget then you should go for this one or the #5 product on this list. You will also need to buy an extension arm because it doesn’t come with one. You can find cheap extension arms by looking on the internet or grabbing one from your local store. but has a great year warranty

2. AKDY 9″ Rectangular waterfall shower shower combo

akdy-9inchThis is one of my favorite waterfall showerhead that I’ve reviewed on this website. I love it because it is multi-functional and it’s not overpriced like most of the shower heads that are low quality.

What I like about the Akdy shower head is that it has 4 really good modes which are the rainfall, the waterfall and Hydrating Jet rain showerhead . You’ve probably never heard about the last one before, and you’re probably wondering what it is. Well, it’s normal that you haven’t heard about it because AKDY is one of the few that makes this type of shower heads. Hydrating Jet will spray water that looks similar to airplane trails and I would say that it’s a great massager after a long day of work.

The AKDY rain showerhead has an adjustable overhead fixture, which is very useful if you have a family. Whoever enters the shower can adjust the head based on their needs without having to take it out or do anything else. You just have to use your hand to position it as you like and you’re good to go also its easy to install as its wall mounted.

The shower head has 118 nozzles and 6 jets. They are very strong and can offer you a great water pressure if you want to. They’re very The Jet-Spraying Settingeasy to clean and because of the good material the head won’t get rusty or damaged from the water. You can even use the handheld shower head to wash your bathroom
with ease, because as I mentioned above it has very high pressure.

We noticed that on the rainfall mode the pressure of the water drops a bit, but this isn’t something to worry about since it still gets the job done, and I would say that the drop in water pressure isn’t that noticeable, but I still wanted to mention it.

You can install the AKDY shower head shower system by yourself because it’s a very easy install task. You don’t need any special equipment to do so. If this is the first time you install a shower head then you will need to get some extra tape if you fail to install it the first time you try. AKDY showerheads includes a small amount of tape but it isn’t enough if you have no experience in installing rainfall shower head also it has a handheld shower. also checkout the oil rubbed bronze version.

1. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9 waterfall shower” shower combo

dreamspaTo finish off our list we are going to place the DreamSpa rainfall Shower head at number one. This is a great waterfall shower showerhead  with great water flow .which has been in the market for a long time and it has received nothing but good reviews and customer satisfaction for a waterfall shower faucet.

It’s a pretty luxurious waterfall shower faucet that will bring a new look to your bathroom, especially if you have a huge bathroom. It comes in 2 versions, the wand can be an oval square or a normal square both chrome . The waterfall effect can be felt more on the oval one, so if you’re after that you should definitely purchase the oval version of the shower system.

Not many shower head manufacturers offer all components and new arrivals, but Dreamspa does in most of its products. This one comes with the angle-adjustable overhead bracket, the chrome stainless steel shower hose, jets etc, so if you’re moving into a new house and don’t have any of the components left over from your old shower head then buying this product will save you a lot of time and money.

What I like most about the DreamSpa showerheads is the button flow control, it makes everything much easier. Because its wall mounted You can use it both as an overhead shower head and as a hand held shower head by just pushing the button. It comes in a brushed nickel as well.

This is one of the best shower heads  shower system in the market at the moment as far as we’ve analyzed, and we couldn’t find any showerhead  or handheld shower thing that is wrong with it. It looks good, it’s made out of high-quality material, is affordable, it basically has everything you need at a cheap price, so does that make it a perfect showerhead ? Well almost. You can’t adjust it based on your needs like the AKDY shower head, so while that is not a big problem, it still can be uncomfortable to some people.

What type of waterfall shower

When looking to buy a hand shower rain showerhead for your bathroom, you should also consider the price and the other functionalities that the shower head has like for example brushed nickel look or handheld shower functionality also wall mounted?. You may have noticed that there are almost no hand shower  rain showerhead that only offer the waterfall feature and that most of them are multi-functioned. Making this list trying to find the best waterfall showerhead was pretty hard, but I guess we did a good job! Now let’s talk about what you should look for in one  before you purchase.

  • showerhead Material for high pressure shower heads

Always make sure that the waterfall shower system shower head is made from quality material that won’t break anytime soon like polished chrome or brushed nickel . I would recommend stainless steel, but if you can find a high-quality plastic one that might work too. Stainless steel type  are noticeably more expensive but they are worth it because you get a longer-lasting waterfall showerhead but some people prefer oil rubbed bronze.

  • showerhead Price

If you are looking solely for a rainfall shower head then the prices are not very high like a ceiling mounted, but as I mentioned above most of them come in a multi-setting shower head waterfall showers so they usually cost a lot. Before making a purchase make sure to choose one that doesn’t have too many useless features such as speakers, Bluetooth etc on your waterfall showerhead.

  • showerhead Running Costs

I have to warn you that most rain shower heads waterfall showers  use a lot of water to give you the waterfall effect, and that leads to a lot of water going to waste via water flow. When you decide to buy waterfall showerhead, always make sure you get one that does not waste too much water for no reason, and make sure it fits your country’s standards so water flow could be an issue but you also dont want to sacrifice the shower experience.

  • showerhead Size

When purchasing a rain shower heads you should always measure how much space you have in your bathroom and buy your shower head according to that. I am sure you don’t want to purchase a huge one and then realize that it doesn’t fit in and does not provide the shower experience you hoped for.


Having ta good waterfall showers  has a lot of benefits, especially if you live with your family and have kids like a ceiling mounted one.

Kids enjoy the waterfall effect because it’s very entertaining to them. If you have kids you probably know that making up their mind to take a shower is a pretty hard task, but installing something fun in your bathroom such as these units can make it a much more fun experience for them.

It’s unique waterfall showerhead. Not many people have that kind of shower in their houses, some of them don’t even know that this type of shower heads exists, so you can use that to your advantage and impress your guests when they come over to see waterfall showerhead brushed nickel is my favourite.

They’re also extremely relaxing, so if you are someone that has a hard job and gets tired often then the only solution for you!

showerhead summary

So now that you know all the pros and cons and  you can make your purchase. If you are still not sure which one to buy, you can personally contact me and I will do my best to find one that will match all your needs.