Some Questions and Answers on Shower Filters and Shower heads


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Are shower filters effective?

No  Shower filter will be 100% effective at filtering your shower but they do help decrease the percentage of your exposure to anything hazardous, Such as hard water , Chlorine , Chemical and Metal removal. Shower filters are also effective at dealing with smelly water shower head filter for hard water .

  • Chlorine Removal: chlorine removal is the first stage of water softening. The best shower filters use bamboo carbon, KDF, chlorine, or the infrared stones to achieve this goal. Some of the filters may use the specific combination of the materials. Bamboo charcoal contains 98% of carbon. The process of adsorption which attracts and traps the chlorine molecules within its layers at a ratio of 1:6. KDF is another combinational material (copper and zinc alloy) which converts the harmful chlorine into water dissolvable harmless chlorides. The process of oxidation-reduction can convert more than 99.9% of the chlorine content. KDF can also increase the lifespan of the activated carbon layer by absorbing the chlorine content and turning it into chloride form. So, the best shower filter can contain the combination of the two materials.
  • Carbonate RemovalHard water contains the carbonate and the bicarbonate forms of calcium and magnesium. Sedimentation and filtering are the principal methods of their removal when they are in the microscopic structure. Activated carbon in the bamboo charcoal can eliminate the maximum volume of these compounds. The micron size elements get removed by the KDF layer. The efficiency of the active shower filter can be 99.99% in the carbonate and bicarbonate removal.
  • Chemical Removal: The hard water contains several volatile chemicals like the sulfides, benzene, oxides, sulfates, etc. KDF is the layer which removes them by more than 99.99%.
  • Fluoride Removal: Fluoride is one of the hardness factors that are hard to remove by the standard methods and filers. It is due to the highly dissolving character. Hence, the shower filter construction will be different for the fluoride removers. The next section describes the design and functionality of the unique shower filters.
  • Metal Removal: The best shower filter’s KDF layer can also remove the micron size metals like the mercury, lead, copper, and the others.

How long do shower filters last?

Some Shower Filters  last for years, some just a matter of months. For showerhead water filters, half a year seems to be the most common case. A typical shower filter can handle 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water, or 6 months of normal use, whichever comes first. this also depends on the level of contamination of the water.

What do shower filters remove?

Shower filters all have specific jobs to it best to choose the one to help remove whatever is an issue at your home . But typically they remove Chlorine , Hard water, heavy metals, Carbonate,Chemical,Fluoride , smells.

Does shower filter help hair loss?

Hair loss- Shower filter don’t directly prevent hair loss but contribute overall to health skin and scalp. The reduce hard water and remove  magnesium and calcium. Which is the main cause of hard water. They also aid in the removal of chemicals and heavy metals .

Is there a shower head that filters water?

Shower Head that Filters -yes there is a couple of choices -SPRITE HO2-WH-M Shower head filter – see reviews here and the Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Showerhead.

What is a waterfall shower head?

Waterfall Shower Heads. A Waterfall shower head or rainfall shower head is like it sounds. It is above your head and rains down water rather than spraying all over you, also see our best led shower heads . It typically is mounted quit high to give the Water fall shower head effect. We have thorough review on Waterfall Shower heads here