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Posted: Febrary 09 2022 The physical and psychological benefits of using a shower filter are due to the scientific design and advanced engineering construction of the modern devices. The intelligent addition of filtering, softening, cleaning, healing and energizing materials at different layers of the filter makes it a perfect spa and therapeutic device. You can experience the results of the shower filter functionality in the enhanced skin health and fitness levels. Moreover, these filters are easy to maintain and work for many years with the same level of efficiency. Also you might consider a Whole Home Water Filter

Chlorine Free Water – Skin and Body Benefit

Freedom from the negative effects chlorine water is one of the key benefits you get from the shower filers. The designers may use multiple combinations of KDF, calcium sulfite, active carbon and ceramic beads for removing chlorine. Some of the advanced Shower filters and showerhead filter for hard water  also use the reverse osmosis or the ion exchange methods for eliminating fluoride, chlorine and other volatile chemicals from the shower water.

    • Soft Water: The soft water from the shower filter can cleanse the pores and cells on your skin to the depth of dermis layer. The ph level balancing can help dissolve the dirt deposits in the pores at a flow rate of 2.75ga/min. Moreover it can remove the excess of sebum that may get deposited on the oily skin layers. If you have a dry skin problem, the soft water can enhance the moisture retaining ration of the skin cells and improve its health.  Your skin feels softer and firm due to the activation of collagen molecules. The probability of wrinkle formation on the skin layers also gets reduced to a considerable extent.
  • Pure Water: The filtering of harmful volatile chemicals and contaminants result in pure water shower. Your skin responds naturally by absorbing the healthy minerals including sodium, potassium and calcium. The KDF and carbon filters convert the harmful chlorine content into chloride by adding one negative ion to the molecular structure. This procedure helps in converting eh hard water into soft and pure water which contains optimum volume of healthy minerals. The water conditions your skin to restore its tone and texture. Cleansing of the toxic elements in the dermis layer enables free flow of proteins and vitamins into the skin cells and tissues.
  • Energized Water: The combination of ceramic crystals and infrared injects energizing ions into the shower water as it flows through the filter. The result is the stimulation of blood vessels connecting to the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. The temperature and pressure further enhance the stimulation effects. Free flow of oxygenated blood through the veins carry optimum volume of nutrients for the skin layers.
  • Anti-Aging Water: The removal of dead and dry skin cells from the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis is followed by the growth of new cells and tissues. They enhance the youthful condition of the skin and induce anti-aging effects considerably. The healthy minerals in the water can also enhance the tensile strength of the tissues and reduce the probability of wrinkles.

Anti Bacterial Benefits – Immunity Benefits

Exposure to the microscopic sized bacteria and germs can increase the probability of skin infections and diseases. The KDF, calcium sulfite and the infrared beads can eliminate more than 99.5% of these harmful bio elements from the water.

  • Preventive Care: The germ free water has the highest concentration of carbonated ingredients as it passes through the active carbon layer to get further energized. The shower water can now enhance the immunity of the skin layer considerably. One of the key benefits you can experience directly is the reduced probability of rashes and acne. The removal of free radicals from the skin ensures balanced sebum in your skin layers. If you have an oily skin, the effects of reduced sticky feeling can be experienced minutes after the shower. This effect is due to the increased moisture retention and controlling the sebaceous glands from generating excess of sebum. The activation of vitamin C and D within the skin layers naturally enhances the immunity levels to a considerable extent.
  • Healing Care: You can experience healing effects from many of the skin allergens that cause irritation when exposed to sunlight, perfumes, soap and other toiletries (unless you have hormone and genetic problems). This healing effect is enabled by the anti-bacterial characteristics of the water. The KDF-55 and the far infrared layers in the filter induce the healing effects into the water molecules, which can also reduce the effects of skin infections and rashes.

Spa Effects – Skin Conditioning Benefits

The spa effects of the filtered shower water can heal the stress on your muscles and nerves to a considerable extent. You may opt for the combined head and handheld shower filers to experience the maximum benefits.

    • Relaxed Muscles: You can control the pressure of water flow from the handheld shower filter to relieve the muscular stress all over your body. The healing effects of the infrared irradiated water are stated to have far reaching effects on the flexibility and tensile strength restoration.
  • Activated Nerves: The positive impact of shower water on the nervous system helps in restoring the stability and strength. The American neurology association has recommended the regular utilization of KDF-55 and infrared bead treated water for the maintenance of nervous strength and stability.
  • Spinal Cord: The Spa effects of the shower filter water can heal many of the mild and moderate levels of pain related to the spinal cord. Using the handheld shower head, it is possible to relieve the accumulated stress along the entire length of the spinal cord. The result is energized body and brain. Long term exposure of the spinal cord to the KDF treated shower water is expected to relieve the stress from the internal organs including the bowels, kidneys, liver and the metabolic system. Easier bowel movement, reduced stress on the lower back and relaxed blood vessels are some of the key benefits you can get from the shower filter water in the long run.