improve your health


There are three basic aspects of improving your health with the showerhead filter. First is the healing of infections and disease symptoms. Second is the restoration of skin and body health back to normal conditions. The third is the betterment of health and fitness levels for the skin and body. Here is a brief overview of how it happens.

Healing restoration

Stress and fatigue are the two aspects which can affect your body and mind during everyday life. In the physical form, they can cause dry skin, wrinkles, and lines, black dots, UV oxidation, acne and rashes, muscle spasms and pain, etc. In the mental level, they can cause depression, anxiety, and nervousness.

KDF-Medium: KDF layer can soften hard water by eliminating chlorine, dissolved metals, fluoride, and dissolved chemicals. It can also remove harmful bacteria and microbes from water which can affect the skin and muscles. The soft water can eliminate the oxidation effects. It can clean the skin pores and remove excess of sebum. Gradually, it can heal the symptoms related to acne and skin rashes. we recommend a hard water shower filter

Active-Carbon- Medium: Strengthening of skin layers can happen through the promotion of collagen generation within the epidermis and muscle ligaments. It can reduce wrinkles and aging symptoms from your skin. It increases the moisture levels in your skin layers by enhancing oxygenation and interactions with the hydrogen molecules.  

Calcium-Sulfite- Medium: calcium sulfite can reverse the UV oxidation effects on skin layers. It can neutralize the free radicals and enhance detoxification of skin. So, the skin health, fitness and brightness factors improve considerably.

Ceramic-Medium: MagnetizedCeramic canenergize the water molecules with anions. They can penetrate deep into the skin and massage the muscles, ligaments, and joints. Rejuvenation effects can activate the skin and muscle tissues. Cell metabolism increases and storage of energy, vitamins, and nutrients within every cell enhances considerably. Hence, the fatigue factors reduce with time.

TFC-Medium: TFC is a powerful medium for removing fluoride completely from the water. It can also inject the water molecules with healing ions for the removal of dead skin cells. It has been proved to a healing medium for skin-vulgaris in which the dead layers don’t shed naturally. Regular exposure to showerhead filter water can enhance the effects of treatments for removing the dead skin layers.

Showerhead Filters- Health Improvement

Mental-Benefits: Showerheadfilter watercan massage the scalp and improve circulation within the brain. It can also activate the neurons in various sections of the brain. The net result is the improvement in alertness, activeness, mindfulness, cognitive consciousness, and the relaxation of brain cells. Negative factors like mental stress and fatigue get reduced considerably.

Sleep-Cycle: Showerhead filter water can normalize your sleep cycles. Internal disturbances during sleep will eventually get eliminated. Deep sleep duration increases and your overall health condition improve.

Cardio-Benefits:  The entire cardiovascular system gets relaxed and rejuvenated. Circulation and oxygenation increases. Removal of toxic elements from the cardiovascular system helps to improve the heart and lung health.

The changes may start gradually and speed up with time. Monitoring the water pressure and temperature at optimum levels can deliver the desired health improvement results.