Filtration Can Keep You Healthy

Water filters can keep you healthy because they remove hardness, harmful chemicals, pathogens, and organic waste from water.  They can energize the water molecules to heal many skin infections and disorders. They can immunize your skin from many of the potential allergens and germs that are normally found in water. Shower head filter for well water can also moisturize and revitalize the skin cells and tissues with vital vitamins.

Water Softening – Complex Task Made Simple

Several studies across the USA have revealed the potential threat of skin disorders due to the impact of hard water. Las Vegas, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Tampa, and Phoenix have the hardest water with more than 15+ grains per gallon. The phenomenon may not be reversed due to the presence of large layers of limestone in the earth’s layers through which the groundwater passes. So, the only solution is to have shower filters in your home.

KDF-55 and KDF 85

The two forms of KDF can remove chlorine and other hardening chemicals from water. They can also eliminate arsenic, chloramines, and lead. These are some of the substances which can cause serious damages to the skin including cancer.  Your skin stays protected from cracks, dryness, brittleness, and other forms of blisters.

Hard water can form scales and fumes of chlorine over the skin surface and the inner layers. They can kill the cells and create dead skin layers. Premature skin aging can lead to invasion of pathogens and germs into the internal organs. The average lifespan of skin cells can reduce drastically.

Shower filters can protect your skin and body from all the above potential risks forever. Many of the filters have multiple stages of softening and purification. KDF granules can combine with carbon blocks for the reduction of chlorine content by more than 99.97%.

The process called electrochemical reduction can also remove most of the dissolved chemicals and heavy metals from the water. KDF can also kill most of the microorganisms like the bacteria, algae, molds, and fungus. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the powerful media which filters all the pathogens.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is the charcoal from the burning of coconut shells. They are more efficient compared to the traditional charcoal from the wood. It is due to the enhanced surface area. Activated carbon has the number of layers within the outer structure. The micron-sized pores can filter all forms of metals, dissolved organic toxins, and even the odor from water.

Water purification happens through the multiple layers. According to calculations, one gram of activated carbon can have more than 32K square-feet area. You can imagine the volume of water it can filter and purify. A small size showerhead filter can have 3 or four grams of activated carbon. Bigger ones have better volume.

Activated carbon can also enhance the water quality and taste. In fact, it has the capacity to transform hard water into sweet water, apart from softening it. So, your skin cells and tissues get the maximum nourishment. It can improve the vitamin storage capacity of the cells and eliminate the toxic elements through detox.

Calcium Sulfite

Calcium sulfite has a powerful formula for killing bacteria and fungus. It can also neutralize many forms of pathogens that are found in water. The layer can also filter the water from the dead microorganisms. So, there are absolutely no traces and odors in the filtered water.

Calcium sulfite can also convert sulfur in the water into a useful amino acid by removing the harmful elements which accompany it. Pure sulfur can be highly beneficial to your skin’s immunity, when present in microns. Calcium sulfite can also convert the sulfur into harmless sulfites and sulfates. They are also highly essential for increasing skin immunity the vitamin concentrations in the skin layers.

Cotton and Wool

Cotton and wool are the two elements which remove macro level contaminants from water. The layer will also contain a purified form of sand in many of the showerheads. The layer can also filter out all forms of granule size contaminants in water.

Crystalline Stones

Showerhead filters have many forms of stones. Sodalite, quartz, Opal, and topaz are a few of them. They have the intrinsic property of energizing water molecules. They can also enhance the negative ions in the water molecules to a significant level.

The negative ions have the property of dead skin removal. They can interact with the collagen generating points in your skin and strengthen them. So, the volume of collagen generation becomes optimum. The ions can also enhance the bonding between skin cells and tissues on each layer.

Crystalline stones can detox the water from the micron-sized toxic elements which may pass through the other filter layers. Water coming through the crystalline stones is stated to be clean, pure, hygienic, and energizing in all the forms.

SPA and Massaging Effects

Water flowing through the crystalline stones gets charged with energizing waves. They can massage the skin layers from the epidermis to the dermis layers. An average of seven minutes under the showerhead can impact your skin’s health significantly within a few weeks. Charged water heals the skin of all the stress factors.

Using the showerhead filter in the handheld shower can further enhance the massaging effects. You can control the flow rate and pressure to create muscle massaging effects. Charged water can enhance the relaxation factors and eliminate pain.

Charged water molecules protect your skin from acne, dryness, rashes, and the other forms of skin disorder. Your skin remains soft and firm with no aging signs.


Shower filters are the best tools for purifying your skin layers from the constant accumulation of dirt, bacteria, and other harmful elements. Your skin will remain immune to UV, heat, and humidity when you go out. You need to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes under the showerhead to keep your scalp and skin free from dandruff and other contaminants also.

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