Dry skin and hair

Hard water is one of the critical factors that contribute to dry skin and hair. Chlorine causes the depletion of the vital vitamins in the skin cells. It destroys the fine layer of sebum which surrounds and protects your skin. Depletion of the minimal oil content makes the skin dry. It can also dry the scalp and the root follicles of your hair. Hair changes color and becomes brittle. The probability of hair loss is also high.

Apart from chlorine, there are compounds like the sulfide and oxides, and minerals which can penetrate deep into your skin. Hot hard water can reach the dermis layer of your skin and damage the cells. The number of dry and dead cells can lead to complete depletion of moisture, oils, and vitamins.

Shower Filter – Dependable Solutions

Shower filter softens the water by removing more than 99.97% of hardness. It filters chlorine, calcium, magnesium, and their carbonates from the water. It also reduces the oxides in the water and makes it neutral on the ph scale. Hardness factors reduce to less than 50PPM (particulates per million).

Shower Filter Layers

KDF Layer

A good quality shower head filter for well water is made of multiple layers. KDF-55 or KDF-85 is the most commonly used particulates in the filter. The medium can remove the hardness factors, along with the harmful chemicals and minerals.

Reduction of hydrogen sulfide and removal of pathogens make the water safe for your skin. There is no more risk of drying the top (epidermis) layer of the skin. Some of the filters use KDF-C for removing the macro size and micron size heavy metals. It can also enhance the moisturizing property of water.

KDF can also remove most of the dissolved chemicals and pesticides that may be common in municipal or groundwater. It prevents the penetration of chemicals into the skin and scalp. Hence, the probability factor reduces considerably.

Active Carbon Layer

Using one or two grams of active carbon is sufficient to filter out the dissolved forms of water hardening compounds. One gram of active carbon contains a surface area which is equal to a large baseball ground. So, you can imagine the intensity of filtering.

The other benefit of active carbon is the energizing factor. The compound removes the positive ions from the water and injects negatively charged ions. They can energize the skin layers by increasing the collagen and vitamins. Higher concentration of these two elements is responsible for the skin moisturizing effects.

Active carbon makes the water sweet. It is primarily due to the removal of impurities like the salt and other chemical compounds. It injects healthy minerals like copper, sulfur, and others in micron quantities. Sweet water is the healthiest conductor of negatively charged ions into the skin layers.

Continuous exposure to the sweet water can also enhance the growth of collagen within the skin layers. Vitamin-C is an active element present in the sweet water coming from the active carbon layer and the vitamin layer that is closer to it in the filter.

Crystal Stone Layer

The crystal stones used in the shower filter can enhance the energy levels of water. They have a direct impact on the interior skin layers through which the veins flow. Soft crystalline stone treated water can remove the toxic elements from the skin’s interior layer. The result increases in the oxygenation and vitamin content of the skin.

Crystalline stones can enhance the healing effects of water. It has the capacity to control acne. It can eliminate most of the harmful bacteria from skin and scalp. Water interacts with the external contaminants like dandruff. Scalp skin moisturizing effects eliminate many other contaminants because the volume of dead skin layers decreases considerably.

Water flowing through the crystalline stones can strengthen the roots and follicles of hair on the scalp. Bonding with the scalp layer becomes stronger. Increase in vitamin and balanced oil content can have the best moisturizing effects.

Vitamin-C layer

Many of the advanced shower filters have an exclusive vitamin-C layer. It can inject the vitamin along with the factors. They form a protective layer over the epidermis layer of your skin. Continuous usage of shower filter with vitamin-C layer can cover every cell and tissue on the epidermis with the vitamin guard. Hence, the probability of skin  disorders like acne, rashes, and other dryness symptoms is zero.

Vitamin C can eliminate the dryness factors from the roots to the exterior hair layers. It prevents the brittleness and increases the tensile strength of your hair. The striking effect of vitamin C in water is the brightness and shine which your hair gains.

Calcium Sulfite Layer

Calcium sulfite is a good antioxidant and antibacterial compound. It can eliminate almost all the bacterial forms of contaminants that remain dissolved in water. The effectiveness is due to the pathogen killing property. Now, your skin and scalp get the ultimate protection from all forms of skin infections and disorders.

Calcium sulfite is also a good moderator of sebum. It works well for all types of skin from the dry type to the sensitive types. It can revitalize your skin with the best energizing elements of its molecular structure.

Ceramic Layer

Ceramic layer in the shower filter has the capacity to remove all types of odors from the water. Water can create more lather when it interacts with soaps and shampoos. So, your skin and hair get better washing and dryness removal.


Dry skin cell moisturizing happens every day when you use the shower filter. The increased production of collagen can also restore the healthy conditions of skin cells and hair. Average lifespan improves significantly within the first few weeks of continuous usage.

Bonding of skin and hair cells enhances the firmness of skin and scalp. The probability of hair loss, dryness, and brittleness and skin cracks reduces to near zero. The distribution of sebum and other healthy elements within the skin layers increases considerably. Protection from dry skin and hair is a lifelong phenomenon which is the result of using a shower filter.