Clean water for a Healthy body

best shower head for well water are getting more popular nowadays. Nearly every household is now using some filtration system in their water supply. It is not only easy to install, but it brings so many various advantages. But what shower heads do you need to know about? Let us know these filters that make people buy them so regularly !

To disinfect water, public water systems use chlorine. However, countless studies have found out that chlorine infiltrated in the water system can expose you and your family to dangerous substances. Unknowingly, people have consumed chlorinated water and inhaled chlorine gases from the shower and tap water. In the shower, chlorine can be inhaled from evaporated water in hot showers. It is also true that other chemicals can be absorbed by the body after water treatment. What’s more startling is having the hot showers open your pores and allowing water to absorb the water coming out from the shower head fully. In 20 minutes, the body has ingested two quarts worth of contaminated water Also dont forget if you have hard water or well water, you may want a shower filter for well water

It may not seem obvious, but chlorine is present in the water your family use every day. Chlorine and its several byproducts are often the reason for enhanced risk of heart disease, allergic reactions, and spontaneous abortions. Various types of cancers are related to ingesting of chlorinated water.

Filter shower heads are the fastest and easiest solution to this chlorine problem. They contain activated carbon from processed coal or charcoal, which is typically more porous than the usual type of coal. Adsorption happens on the activated carbon. When water passes through the filter, the medium traps down the chlorine molecules and the result – clean water.

This filter is commonly used in many households and is considered a less toxic method for germ control. The new techniques of water filtration are now being innovated to kill contaminants, however, for now, this is the most efficient and simplest way to set-up filter shower heads.

People with respiratory problems surely benefit from the filters, as there will be no more fumes from evaporated chlorine. The sediments are the real cause of asthma attacks which can get worst by them.

Aside from the carbon filter, KDF, which is made out of copper-zinc alloy, has recently been innovated. KDF works by attracting chlorine ions, which in turns changes to zinc chloride. Effective filters such as these can remove chlorine as well as reduce bad odors, dust, and rust. The innovate filters will leave your shower smelling clean and fresh. They can also come as reversible filters that provide balanced filtration on both sides of the filter.

It makes you feel sick when you shower with chlorinated water. It also makes your hair and skin drier than what normal and healthy hair and skin do. So if you want to live healthy internally and externally, it’s right to install filter shower heads to keep you always on the go. There is plenty to find on the market, so just choose which is right for you and your family.

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