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Posted: Febrary 09 2022 Do people know that chlorine present in tap water does more than just tasting like pool water? Chlorine can have a devastating effect on hair when using a shower, making it dull and lifeless. Likewise, it can also make the skin dry and are prone to skin disease. We look at the reasons why its a good idea to have a shower head filter for well water

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A shower filter is needed to remove harmful chemicals present in tap water that can cause health problems. Chlorine and chloramines are skin-irritants that are both removed by the shower filter. Chlorine exposure can damage hair and skin. Like in drinking water, people use shower filters like charcoal filters to remove chlorine and its unpleasant taste, smelly odor, and chemicals. Enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment of a hot shower or cold water shower without irritating the skin when there is a shower filter.

How Do Shower Filters Work?

Unlike freshwater that comes from the spring or deep well, tap water undergoes a water treatment facility to get rid of chemicals that pose an increased risk. Thus, chemicals are already present in the water, such as chlorine. Shower filters purify the shower water by filtering out chlorine and chloramine to reduce skin irritants present in the water. Eliminating the chlorine content makes the water less harsh on the hair and skin. This also removes the smelly chlorinated water caused by the heavy metals in the water.

Various Shower Filtration Techniques

KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) Filter

They make this kind of shower water filter of copper and zinc. These alloys oppose each other with a small degree of electrical conductivity. The electrical discharge might be too low of energy to be detected by humans. The charge can, however, affect elements in the tap water or hard water. Under load, like electrons, heavier metals such as mercury, lead, and copper will be charged up as well.

This water filtration is necessary to treat the water or chlorinated water. You can use this water filtration to your showers independently or along with an activated carbon filter. The filter may replace previously used silver compounds that remove bacteria.

Silver is shiny and expensive, but in large amounts, it can be toxic. The risk of the metal leaking in water is extremely high, and KDF is, therefore, a more cost-effective choice.

KDF will eliminate substances such as chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, and cadmium, along with contaminants like hydrogen chloride, such as viruses, from the water. The shower filter can help us enjoy a fresh showering bath.

Vitamin C Filter

One of the best ways to avoid or overcome chlorine is the use of a Vitamin C filter. The more popular models would eliminate 99% of chlorine, though 93% will do just fine. This innovation will remove not only chlorine but also sediments. Vitamin C also neutralizes the water, making it very effective if chlorine is the main problem.

Multi-layer Carbon Filters

Because of multi-layered carbon filters, which push water through 10 to 12 different media, harmful contaminants can be removed.

How Does It Work?

1. The water passes through a medium made of cotton. The cotton tends to be closely woven, and particles smaller than 0.1—0.3 microns will be too tiny to be seen. This should have the capacity to handle most sediment and larger organisms, i.e., bacteria and viruses.

2. This softens the water through the use of Ionic resins. Molecules of calcium and magnesium should be sequestered here.

3. This filters out lots of chlorine and chloramine out of the water.

4. The remaining processes would sanitize the water and remove the remaining toxins and pathogens.

Filtered Shower Head Benefits

It is a new fad in personal well-being and holistic therapies for people to be using filtered showerheads. People are becoming more educated and concerned about the effect of water used for bathing, especially on health issues. While there are recognized benefits (to using water filters), others may not be readily apparent. Here are the top five reasons to use a shower head filter!

1. Catch cold less often

There are lots of bacteria and microbes present in the showerhead. People cleaning their showerheads should be familiar with this. A shower filter prevents the formation of some of those common cold viruses, and people won’t pick up the common cold viruses when taking a shower.

2. Healthy skin and hair

To protect public health, all water used in commercial establishments and households must undergo a complete purification and treatment process. The method used to ensure that the water is clean is by chlorinating and adding chloramine. Chlorine is known to be an effective bactericide, but it is hazardous to humans.

Even the tiniest of chlorine can have a significant impact on the body. Chlorine will kill the bacteria people want to get rid of as well. When chlorine gets in the body through bathing, the vitamin E and other fatty acids that keep the skin supple are removed. This will cause the skin to get dry, itchy, and worst, acne.

Like the skin, the chlorine present in the water will strip the natural oils of the hair. This will make the hair feeling dry and frizzy. This showerhead gets rid of all the chemicals and leaves the hair squeaky clean and dripping wet.

3. Feel Better

Chlorine has a psychological effect on the body, too. Exposure to chlorine has been associated with fatigue, depression, and lowered immune system in human and animal studies. A shower head will improve the mood and attention of a person. The person becomes more focused and active in what he does.

Throat and lungs can also be irritated upon exposure to chlorine for an extended period. As the heat interacts with the chlorine, it produces gaseous vapor that is inhaled. An extra item like a shower filter that removes chlorine from the water will prevent discomfort.

4. Reduce the Cancer Risk

Chlorine reacts with organic compounds to form Trichloromethanes (THMs). THMs are suspected to be highly carcinogenic and have been found to induce free radical activity in the body that causes cell damage.

Different studies have shown the relationship between THMs and cancer. Breast and bladder cancer are among those who are associated with chlorine byproduct exposure.

5. Look Younger

As mentioned earlier, chlorine can induce the production of free radicals that causes damage to the cell. These free radicals are responsible for visible skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and dry skin. This is also similar to the effects of exposure to the sun’s UV rays for long periods. To keep the skin feels smooth and supple, don’t forget to use a showerhead filter.

Importance of Shower Filter

There are lots of available shower filters in the market. While some didn’t even know the purpose of a water filter, the benefits of a shower filter are unknown to everyone. As the name implies, a shower filter simply removes contaminants present in the water to avoid harmful effects on the body. So, why is there a need for a shower filter?

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The Physical Appearance

If a person wants to look younger, a shower filter certainly helps. It’s believed that slightly polluted water can have considerable appearance-altering effects on us. To be more precise, it is the water-soluble minerals that affect our skin and hair. Thus, a filtered water is really necessary, especially if the water supply is not reliable.

While others believe that the looks can reflect the ego, purchasing a water filter to improve the water quality is essential. Contaminants on the water like chlorine will make some people feel irritated, let alone wiry hair strands. Whether or not a showerhead water filter is required depends on the user’s priorities.

The Health Benefits

People are becoming aware of the health concerns and issues associated with water use in the body. It is believed that shower filters are more effective at reducing chlorine levels than dealing with other disinfectants. Hot water can also transform chlorine into gas, which penetrates the body through the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

Exposure to chlorine can lead to several symptoms, including stuffiness, breathing difficulties, sore throat, cough, red eyes, and skin irritation. First and foremost, a shower filter is entirely essential. Having a filtration system at home can prevent the risk of breast cancer caused by harmful chemicals.

Shower Filter Replacement

Most shower filters are made and designed to last only for a limited time. This number varies by product type. Some last for years, while others may just be a matter of months for showerheads; six months is the most common.

The standard shower filter can accommodate up to six months of regular use. Typical use is often described as the usage of a family of four who bathes together each day.

There is one more thing to keep in mind: Shower filters’ life capacity is approximately the same as that of batteries. As long as that level is surpassed, it will be of no use. To better experience, the benefits of a shower filter, make sure to replace it regularly.

Replacing the shower filter can offer the best shower experience. The water could be beneficial, especially to your skin. The water may cause irritation because of the unfiltered shower and the chlorine as well.

Regular Shower Head Cleaning

As time passes by, the showerhead may not be on the same performance when it is newly installed. Mineral deposits build up on the showerhead, which causes a clogged nozzle. It is usually the effect of low water flow and pressure. When this happens, regular cleaning of a showerhead must be done.

To clean the showerhead, brush the nozzle or simply massage the nozzle to remove mineral buildup. If the showerhead cannot be removed from the pipe, soak it in vinegar for about an hour every day.


As the famous saying says that health is wealth, people are becoming health-conscious nowadays. While most are investing in health supplements, one must also consider investing in items that will benefit the body’s overall health appearance.

A shower filter is really a good buy with health issues. Different contaminants are present in the water, so it is vital to purify the water before contact with the skin. Thus, it is necessary and could help to have shower filter in your house. It does not only benefit the water but also the air.