Benefits Of Cold Showers

Taking a shower with hot water can be very relaxing and feels amazing, but you should consider taking a shower with cold water sometimes. Taking a shower with cold water has been proven to be beneficial in a lot of ways, including weight loss, reducing anxiety and for your skin. There are even shower heads built especially for cold shower lovers.

It’s a very popular thing in places that usually have a high temperature, and that’s why most of them look and feel better in general. We are going to list a few things that cold showers are good for. Let’s start

1.Build Will Power

Well just think about it, taking a shower in a cold winter morning with cold water. Sounds like hell right? Well if you can force yourself to take a shower with cold water that will create a great will power in you, which then can be applied to other areas in your life.

2. Reduce Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very common in the 21st century, and having a cold shower might help that. Cold showers reduces uric acid levels while increasing the Glutathione in your body. That will serve as a great natural anti-depressant

3. Better Hair

Hot showers damage your hair. You might have noticed that when you use a hair straightener or a low quality hair dryer, your hair gets damaged from the high temperature. Well the same thing applies to hot water.

4. Better Skin

cold showerTaking hot showers removes all the natural oils from your face, which causes your face to become dry. You probably already know that dry skin equals acne and other unwanted diseases. Hot water also opens all your pores, and that’s a bad thing because germs and other kind of infections can get in your skin. you should try it at night with a color changing shower head

5. Testosterone Boost

This is extremely useful if you are a body builder or a fitness fan.  If you’re a fitness fan you probably know that higher testosterone equals higher protein synthesis, and that equals more muscle gain overall.

6. Better Circulation

Usually old people have blood circulation problems, and you can prevent that happening to you by taking cold showers. If you take cold showers, your body will send blood to your organs to keep
them warm. I would suggest doing this in the morning, because it will also help you get awake faster.

7. Increased Immunity

If you watch a lot of TV or YouTube Videos, then you’ve probably seen that in a village in Russia, they dip their newborns to cold freezing water. Back then we used to laugh and call them stupid, but you should know that cold water improves your general immunity.

8. Muscle Recovery

Another benefit for bodybuilders. Cold water speeds up the muscle recovering process, and makes the soreness go away much faster than it normally would. Popular footballers and other sportsmen always take cold showers, because it helps them a lot with muscle injury recovering.

9. Better for Waking up & Sleeping

Cold showers in the morning are the best ‘coffee’ you can get for your body. The cold freezing water will activate all your organs and make them function properly.

I hope i made your mind to start taking cold showers. It definitely is very hard at first, but you will get used to it over time, and you won’t ever go back to hot showers. You can start by lowering the waters temperature gradually until you get used to it. Good luck!

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