All You Need to Know

Shower heads can be a great purchase and give a lot of convenience in accessing water. But if your shower head gets broken or requires some maintenance, then things can get a little difficult if you do not know what you need. It is imperative to understand what kinds of showerheads are in the market and what they specialize in.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about different shower head types, what they have to offer, and what you should be mindful of before making a purchase. We will detail all aspects to help you make the right purchase.  More specifically, we will highlight primary shower head kinds and give you ample insight into what the market is all about. So let’s get to it.

Types of Shower Heads

Below are the different types of showerheads available in the market.

1.    Fixed

The fixed shower head or the wall-mounted showerhead is the most vastly used type, and many people have this in homes. This is a basic yet convenient type with no fancy additions, and its goal is to get the job done as simply as possible. These come in smaller sizes with five inches or less diameter. For those seeking a straightforward shower head with no complicated functions and traits, this one is the way to go. It does the job and gives good pressure and performance. Moreover, it lasts longer and is very durable. You do not need a lot of maintenance with this type. These are the best option if you seek a clean, contemporary look for your space.

Although if you want to amp things up a little bit, you can always opt for a multi-function mount shower head. This enables you to set different spray patterns that range from a massage and highly concentrated setting to wider and gentler spray. 

2.    Rainfall Shower Head

Having a soothing, rejuvenating haven in your very home is a luxury worth dreaming about, but with a small upgrade like rainfall showers, your bathroom can become your spa. Although these shower heads are practically like fixed shower heads, their bigger sizes are what make them so attractive and tempting.

They range from six inches and above, and no matter how much coverage you want, you can have that. Coverage implies how much width the water spray retains and gives you a warmer ambiance in the shower in those cold winter times.  Moreover, rainfall showers are also very calming as they fully encase you in the waterfall.

Wall or Ceiling Mounting

Rainfall shower heads are easily mountable from the ceiling or the wall, which is a great thing about them. For wall mounting, you can effortlessly put in this in mere minutes like many showerheads. However, for those planning to have the complete effects of the rainfall shower head mounted in the ceiling, they will need to get a plumber for this endeavor. You cannot execute this on your own, and the best route to take is consulting professional help.  The pros will run pipes through the ceiling in the shower if you do not have any running already.

Do not stress though, for those wanting the ceiling rainfall shower experience but do not have the budget or time for plumbing, there is another convenient and practical way. You can utilize the overhead shower arm for it extends from twelve to sixteen inches from the wall.

They can also sometimes elevate the height of the shower head and mimic the feeling of a rainfall shower head very efficiently and give you a great experience. This also renders it possible for you to stand below the shower and enjoy the feeling of the water pouring out of the ceiling. So there you go, you get it all without spending extra.  Almost all shower heads have the same association of half-inch NPT and that is the standard.  So long as you keep the shower arm plumbing work appearing from the wall or your ceiling, you can freely opt for whichever showerhead catches your fancy. Take that as mounting it anywhere you want.

Single and Multi-Function

You need to be mindful of whether you want the single function shower head or multifunction. This is an important thing to contemplate because if you plan to mount your rainfall shower head from the ceiling, you need to opt for a single function.  Why? Because it will be almost impossible for you to modify spray settings if you have it mounted way above your head. Practically, it is not the best approach.

However, in the case of your rainfall showerhead mounting from a relatively low ceiling, then the choice is up to you. In this scenario, you can opt for multi-function and work it however you want.  Do you simply require one great flow, or want to modify to a richer spray? The options are all open and you can decide upon whichever you want.

Large Diameter Means Weaker Pressure

As new water flow regulations come into play, manufacturers decided to curtail that outpour of water to a maximum of two and a half gallons per minute also known as the GPM. It can go as weak as one and a half GPM to enable shower heads to give some true eco-performance.

This implies that you will receive a similar water output no matter if you opt for an eight-inch rainfall shower head or a twelve-inch one. This does not mean that large shower heads are not the best, but this aspect is something you have to be heedful of if you prefer strong water pressure. It is necessary to watch out for these small details. A rainfall flow is all about relaxation under big droplets and not getting a blast of concentrated spray, which can be really aggressive.

Moreover, plumbers are always available for consultation to check if you can adjust your house’s water pressure levels.  The flow rates are generally based on sixty PSI. So, if you have less pressure in your home, then it is unlikely you will even receive the complete flow rate that already comes restricted. You will need to get things modified if you want to enjoy better water pressure.

3.     Handheld Shower Head

Without a doubt, the handheld shower heads are among the most famous in the category. No matter if you want to build out a modern shower or merely want to replace the prevailing shower head, it is an amazingly versatile option, and many love it. These showerheads are commonly sold in a package that encompasses a severable hose with a holder for mounting it. So you are all ready to go right out of the box, and no need to fuss over buying individual parts. You are at complete freedom to either keep the shower head like a fixed option or grab it off the wall for rinsing yourself.  This also makes cleaning the bathroom walls easy as it gives you complete mobility.

Furthermore, such shower heads with their detachable hose are excellent for bathing children and babies. They are also great for those recovering from some injuries and need to bathe by sitting on the shower bench. All you have to do is take this shower head off the wall, and you have complete control over where you want the water to go.  Its easy and quick access has made this type of shower head a definite success, and it is a part of many households.

Understanding Your Purchase

Although the majority of shower heads come in sets and contain all the necessary elements, you still get many options if you only want to purchase the showerhead alone. This will not contain a holder or hose; therefore it is better to always check with the manufacturer to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.  This will help you understand what the available options in general and how many choices manufacturers are giving.

Hose Upgradation

Many handheld showerheads arrive with a sixty-inch (five feet) lengthy hose. Still, there come times when the hose’s length falls short, there is no flexibility, and it hinders the access. This is when you need a different hose. Furthermore, like many things about showerheads, upgrading is very easy, and so is the case with this part. You can grab a new hose in no time without any stress. As mentioned before, their connection size is half-inch NPT if you are purchasing the shower heads and their fixtures in the US.

The most significant characteristic to check for is the material. We strongly advise going for a metal hose. Why? Because it gives flexibility and is very durable and these are the features you want in a handheld showerhead.   The choice is yours for the hose’s length; however, going above seventy-two inches will be deemed an advancement.

4.    Dual Shower Head

We talked about the shower heads separately above, but what if we told you that you could have a blend of both? Sounds unreal, but it isn’t.  When a handheld showerhead comes together with a fixed one, the dual shower head comes to life!  Companies are becoming more and more creative nowadays as they keep inventing and advancing the conventional shower head models. The best part is, there are also rainfall showers fixed with mounted shower heads, too! Anything you want, the options are all open. 

For those seeking an incredible way to upgrade the shower experience without consulting professional help, this can be the best option. What’s more, the dual shower heads carry a complete kit that includes every single component one could require for a successful installation.  You get the rain/fixed shower head, the handheld one, a hose, and a diverter mount.


Having a similar tendency to the big rain shower head, the two-in-one shower heads do carry some disadvantages. They keep on losing the water pressure the bigger the diameter gets. There is one recurring question of can you run both these shower heads simultaneously? Well, occasionally.  You will need to scan the specs to ensure the product has this feature.

Moreover, from 2017, the greatest flow rate you will get in the market is two and a half GPM. This implies that if you operate both the handheld and fixed shower heads together, you will receive a 1.25 GPM outpouring from every shower head. This is due to the flow restrictor that often comes in the diverter mount and not in the actual showerheads. Nonetheless, they are still wonderful and can give the complete 2.5 GPM outpouring when you run one shower head only.

5.    Filtered Shower Heads

Are you tired of frizzy hair and excessively dry skin after every shower? Then it might be time for the filtered shower heads to come to your rescue.  These shower heads largely lessen the percentage of chlorine, hard water, and scale that pours through the showerhead. While it solely relies on where you reside, your water might have an excessive chlorine amount than most and it can leave your skin and hair feeling very dry. 

For instance, in Southern California, you will find the water is extremely hard. Therefore understanding how the water fares in your vicinity and if a dual shower head would be a better option for you.

Things To Be Careful Of With Filtered Shower Heads

While buying filtered showerhead, you must always go for reputable brands. The vastly recognized brands concerning these shower heads are Sprite, Crystal Quest, and Culligan. However, if you go with other brands, you must ensure they retain the NSF certification. The NSF is among the highly respected autonomous product testing companies. Its goal is to make sure that manufacturers are meeting the strict criteria for ensuring consumer’s health and safety. Thus, it is critical to choose brands with NSF certification.  This way, you can rest assured that the product is of good quality and durable.

Another aspect to contemplate is purchasing replacements for filters. It is highly recommended to replace your shower head filter every six months at least. If the water is worse at your house or you have a big family using it excessively, then you will need to replace it more frequently. Businesses like Crystal Quest have been known names for quite some time, rendering it simpler and more feasible for you to get filter replacements when the need arises. 

Putting In The Filter Without Replacing The Shower Head

With multiple showerheads featuring an in-built filter, you might need to keep your current showerhead or get an upgrade.  This would be no problem, and you can easily check inline filters. You merely connect this filter to your shower arm, and you can affix any shower head you want. It is very quick and easy.

Final Words

Now that we armed you with fundamental yet crucial info about the type of shower heads, you can decide which option works best for you. It is very important to have good knowledge of something before you go to buy it. It tells you about the available products and options.

We are confident this guide will help you in providing valuable insight into the shower head domain and which ones are dominating the market.